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Omni View Multiple Band Ligator Set

A variceal ligation system used for endoscopic ligation of esophageal varices, at or above the gastroesophageal junction.

The product consists of:

  • Ligator cartridge with ultra-clear, wide view polycarbonate barrel preloaded with 6 high quality elastomeric bands. CAUTION: The elastomeric bands are made of natural rubber latex.

  • Deployment handle, with a ultra smooth ‘one-way’ movement, for reliable band deployment.
  • Loading catheter
  • Irrigation needle

The product is available in various sizes to fit endoscopes ranging from 8.6 mm to 13 mm diameter.

MBL-06-01 T+ Endoscope diameter 8.6 ~ 9.0 mm
MBL-06-01 T Endoscope diameter 9.0 ~ 10 mm
MBL-06-01 R Endoscope diameter 9.5 ~ 11 mm
MBL-06-01 L Endoscope diameter 10.5 ~ 13 mm

This product is supplied non-sterile and intended for single use, to be used by or on order of a physician only.